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Lexington Shed

Our Lexington model was designed to match many traditional New England homes, in Massachusetts and beyond. The steep pitch of the roof is built to withstand sometimes-punishing New England snow loads and complement today's home design styles. Post Woodworkingcan match most vinyl siding colors, so that your shed color will coordinate with your home as well. And as is the case with all of our sheds, exterior solar lighting is available to light up the night.

The Lexington comes in 32 sizes ranging from 6 x 8 to 16 x 24 that will be expertly constructed out of pine, vinyl or cedar.

More sizes and options are available. You can call us at
1-800-537-0053 for more information, or email

"If you're interested in this great poolside style we recommend adding a pool filter hole. It will help keep any unsightly pool pump contained and hidden." - Karen

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