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Cape Ann Shed

The Cape Ann Shed was designed with coastal New England in mind. So yard work may feel like you're actually on vacation. From Cape Cod to the beaches of Maine, you will find a Post Woodworking Cape Ann shed adorning the yards of thousands of homes. It's a popular style with our customers - whether they make their home by street or by sea. An affordable choice for an outdoor structure, the Cape Ann brings functional elements with nautical appeal.

The Cape Ann comes in 32 sizes ranging from 6 x 8 to 16 x 24 that will be expertly constructed out of pine, vinyl or cedar.

More sizes and options are available. You can call us at
1-800-537-0053 for more information, or email

"Always upgrade from a 5' double door to a 6' double door when possible. It is minimal cost and tractors are getting larger every year." - Chris

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